Family Planning Counseling

Therapy empowers a woman considering abortion with the factual information and resources to make an informed choice.

Operation Stand Down Midsouth hopes that the homeless veterans we assist will become self-sufficient and economically viable community members.
Christ Community offers physical, mental, and spiritual healing, compassionate care and the desire to meet the needs of the medically underserved.
Memphis Mental Health Institute (MMHI) is a psychiatric hospital that has been serving the Memphis community since 1962.
This Hospitality Hub is a safe, kind, and respectful environment that provides services and resources to thousands of Memphians experiencing mental health needs
The SMART Center is a treatment, training, and research center within the community and across the state. Accepting virtual and in person visits.
Wondering where to begin? At the Living Well Network, we help people live their lives to the fullest by connecting them to behavioral health care
Behavior Services of the Mid-South is the area’s leading provider of site-based behavioral and mental health services.
We focus on providing each individual the attention and resources they need to address their specific issues using various therapeutic modalities.
Our participants come to us from living in the streets or ex-offenders that needed somewhere to go. We strive to provide them with more than food and shelter