Comprehensive Services Youth

These organizations offer a wide variety of mental health and support services for teens and adolescents.

We help children up to the age of 22 who come to us due to emotional and behavioral disorders, physical or sexual abuse, substance abuse, or suicidal ideation.
Members entering the program for the first time will go through an orientation period in which they will spend time in each of the training units.
Our faith-based ministry is designed to lift children and families in need through unconditional love, the very meaning of our agency’s name.
Our participants come to us from living in the streets or ex-offenders that needed somewhere to go. We strive to provide them with more than food and shelter
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Medial group practice located in Memphis. It is the ONLY fully intregrated comprehensive behavioral health and primary care organization in the city
Our goal is to help you deal with the realities of being in and leaving an abusive relationship. We offer confidential services including crisis response.
The Center for Good Grief provides grief counseling, grief support groups and grief camp programs for children, teens and adults—all free of charge.
Operation Stand Down Midsouth hopes that the homeless veterans we assist will become self-sufficient and economically viable community members.
The SMART Center is a treatment, training, and research center within the community and across the state. Accepting virtual and in person visits.